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Development Applications Currently Advertised


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If you wish to make a comment on an application, you can e-mail Council with your comments. Any submission you make will be made available to the public and published in full on Council's website, unless you satisfy Council that there is an overriding public interest against disclosure under Section 14 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.



54 Carlotta ST
  Development: New brick & timber front fence, replace existing carport roof
  Applicant: DBCF Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA118/2019
  Advertised: 18/09/2019 Expiry: 01/10/2019


370 Pacific HWY
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent - Various amendments
  Applicant: E L Steppat
  Application #: DA144/2017
  Advertised: 20/09/2019 Expiry: 03/10/2019
19 Cobden AVE
  Development: Repurposing of an existing pool as attached terrace at the rear
  Applicant: D Fitzsimmons
  Application #: DA115/2019
  Advertised: 10/09/2019 Expiry: 23/09/2019
Unit 31 20A Austin ST
  Development: Alterations and additions to residential flat building
  Applicant: T Gordon
  Application #: DA120/2019
  Advertised: 18/09/2019 Expiry: 01/10/2019


69 Hallam AVE
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent - Remove Condition 4A
  Applicant: Brad Inwood Architects
  Application #: DA154/2018
  Advertised: 13/09/2019 Expiry: 26/09/2019
23 Mars RD
  Development: New external fire stair and fitout of Level K for self-storage
  Applicant: Devkon Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA117/2019
  Advertised: 16/09/2019 Expiry: 29/09/2019


4 Ann ST
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent - Amendment to terrace
  Applicant: N Kwon
  Application #: DA62/2019
  Advertised: 13/09/2019 Expiry: 26/09/2019
5 Wharf RD
  Development: Alterations and Additions, roof over balcony, alfresco bbq area
  Applicant: I G Morris
  Application #: DA116/2019
  Advertised: 13/09/2019 Expiry: 26/09/2019
17 Dettmann AVE
  Development: Alterations and Additions and new Swimming Pool
  Applicant: Studio Parisi Architects
  Application #: DA119/2019
  Advertised: 18/09/2019 Expiry: 01/10/2019


3 Holden ST
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent - Proposed tree removal
  Applicant: C Nipatcharoen
  Application #: DA3/2016
  Advertised: 09/09/2019 Expiry: 22/09/2019


37 Hamilton ST
  Development: Alterations and Additions to dwelling, new carport and garden shed
  Applicant: S Sutton
  Application #: DA121/2019
  Advertised: 20/09/2019 Expiry: 03/10/2019