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77 Arabella Street LONGUEVILLE NSW 2066

Type of WorkAlterations & Additions and Swimming Pool

ApplicantM L Stillone


Application No.20/2020

Date Lodged21/02/2020

Cost of Work$980,000.00

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81 Austin Street LANE COVE NSW 2066

Type of WorkTwo storey dwelling

ApplicantMetricon Homes


Application No.15/2020

Date Lodged12/02/2020

Cost of Work$790,835.00

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82 Christie Street ST LEONARDS NSW 2065

Type of Works4.55 Modification of consent

ApplicantJQZ c/- Urbis

CertifierDix Gardner Pty Ltd

Application No.6/2018

Date Lodged30/01/2020

Cost of Work$255,915,000.00

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23 Glenview Street GREENWICH NSW 2065

Type of WorkAlterations and Additions to an existing dwelling

ApplicantSissons Architects Pty Ltd


Application No.17/2020

Date Lodged12/02/2020

Cost of Work$100,000.00

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43 Johnston Crescent LANE COVE NORTH NSW 2066

Type of WorkDemolition and Construction of a dwelling

ApplicantPro Electrical Services C/- Dieppe Design Pt


Application No.19/2020

Date Lodged20/02/2020

Cost of Work$1,226,088.00

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6 Kellys Esp NORTHWOOD NSW 2066

Type of Works4.55 - Design Modifications

ApplicantEquity by Design

CertifierMy Building Certifier

Application No.200/2018

Date Lodged13/02/2020

Cost of Work$286,000.00

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27-43 Little Street LANE COVE NSW 2066

Type of WorkAmended Strata Plan- Exchange/Swap of Car Spaces

ApplicantHill & Blume Pty Ltd


Application No.14/2020

Date Lodged10/02/2020

Cost of Work$0.00

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42 Myee Crescent LANE COVE WEST NSW 2066

Type of WorkAlterations and Additions to an existing dwelling

ApplicantF Boross


Application No.16/2020

Date Lodged12/02/2020

Cost of Work$110,000.00

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488 Pacific Highway ST LEONARDS NSW 2065

Type of WorkSignage

ApplicantBramford Property Pty Ltd


Application No.18/2020

Date Lodged17/02/2020

Cost of Work$1,000.00

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45 William Edward Street LONGUEVILLE NSW 2066

Type of WorkAmended Plan - New two storey dwelling, carport

ApplicantPirrello Design Associates


Application No.138/2019

Date Lodged01/11/2019

Cost of Work$1,050,000.00

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