Record TitleRecord Link
Development Application Form - Including Sec 4.55 Modification to an existing consentLink 1
Application Form for Section 10.7, 735A and 603 CertificatesLink 2
Application Form for Section 6.26 Building Information CertificateLink 3
Waste Management FormLink 4
Form - DA Checklist - for residential & small scale developmentLink 5
Occupation Certificate Application FormLink 6
Review of Determination of Development Application FormLink 7
Development History Research Request FormLink 8
Application Form for Certificate of Compliance or Exemption for Swimming PoolLink 9
Form - DA Checklist Major ProjectLink 10
Site Waste Management Form - Major development or projectLink 11
Traffic Impact Assessment ChecklistLink 12
Damage Deposit Confirmation Form - Complying Development CertificateLink 13
Application Form for Pre-DA Lodgment MeetingLink 14
Critical (Event) Concrete Pour Application FormLink 15
Application Form for a Subdivision Certificate/Release of Linen PlanLink 16
Appointment of Principal Certifier (PC) and Notice to Commence Building Work FormLink 17
Construction Certificate Applications ChecklistLink 18