Development Applications Currently Advertised


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9 Chisholm Street
  Development: Front window and roof alteration
  Applicant: R H S Lyon
  Application #: DA157/2019
  Advertised: 02/12/2019 Expiry: 15/12/2019
27 King William Street
  Development: Alterations and additions to dwelling house
  Applicant: K Glover
  Application #: DA158/2019
  Advertised: 03/12/2019 Expiry: 16/12/2019


41 Richardson St West
  Development: s4.55 Modification- Swimming pool and deck location
  Applicant: A Thorburn
  Application #: DA125/2017
  Advertised: 06/12/2019 Expiry: 19/12/2019
10 Fourth Avenue
  Development: s4.55 Modification- removal of street tree & relocation of stairs
  Applicant: J Merhi
  Application #: DA72/2019
  Advertised: 03/12/2019 Expiry: 16/12/2019
57 Finlayson Street
  Development: Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling house & new carport
  Applicant: Haviland Architects
  Application #: DA152/2019
  Advertised: 28/11/2019 Expiry: 11/12/2019
17 Lane Cove Plaza
  Development: Alterations to shopfront and signage
  Applicant: D G Severino
  Application #: DA155/2019
  Advertised: 02/12/2019 Expiry: 15/12/2019


22 Nundah Street
  Development: s4.55- Proposed modification to existing and new house
  Applicant: Drew Heath Architect
  Application #: DA94/2017
  Advertised: 03/12/2019 Expiry: 16/12/2019


18 Orion Road
  Development: Office Fitout (Level 6 Bupa)
  Applicant: M Thorn
  Application #: DA153/2019
  Advertised: 25/11/2019 Expiry: 08/12/2019


20 Brooks Street
  Development: Alterations and Additions to dwelling - REVISED PLANS
  Applicant: Garden Homes
  Application #: DA56/2019
  Advertised: 28/11/2019 Expiry: 11/12/2019


3 Yarrandi Place
  Development: s4.55 - Relocation of pool, retaining walls and shade structure
  Applicant: Space Landscape Designs Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA124/2018
  Advertised: 02/12/2019 Expiry: 15/12/2019
82 Kenneth Street
  Development: Internal & external alterations including new & replacement windows
  Applicant: A Santoriello
  Application #: DA159/2019
  Advertised: 06/12/2019 Expiry: 19/12/2019


2 Warruga Place
  Development: s4.55 Modification- alterations and additions plus removal of sauna
  Applicant: Romoecad Design
  Application #: DA208/2017
  Advertised: 25/11/2019 Expiry: 08/12/2019
2 Hamilton Street
  Development: Alterations and additions to the dwelling house, new carport & pool
  Applicant: M Makhoul
  Application #: DA154/2019
  Advertised: 28/11/2019 Expiry: 11/12/2019
25 Kallaroo Road
  Development: Restructure of existing house
  Applicant: PWS Building Consultancy
  Application #: DA156/2019
  Advertised: 02/12/2019 Expiry: 15/12/2019