Development Applications Currently Advertised


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6 St Vincents Road
  Development: Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling house
  Applicant: P C Chen
  Application #: DA104/2023
  Advertised: 18/09/2023 Expiry: 03/10/2023
5 Seaman Street
  Development: Demolition of the existing structure and construction of new dwelling
  Applicant: S Floris
  Application #: DA109/2023
  Advertised: 29/09/2023 Expiry: 08/10/2023


3 Fourth Avenue
  Development: Construction of a swimming pool
  Applicant: G Au-Yeung
  Application #: DA108/2023
  Advertised: 29/09/2023 Expiry: 14/10/2023


43 Helen Street
  Development: Minor repair works and demolition of stairs to elevated courtyard
  Applicant: Spiral Architects Lab Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA105/2023
  Advertised: 21/09/2023 Expiry: 06/10/2023
Unit 10 66 Helen Street
  Development: Installation of air conditioning unit on balcony
  Applicant: C J McLoughlin
  Application #: DA106/2023
  Advertised: 26/09/2023 Expiry: 11/10/2023


2 Karingal Road
  Development: S4.55 Alterations & additions to existing dwelling house
  Applicant: R Salman
  Application #: DA134/2021
  Advertised: 25/09/2023 Expiry: 10/10/2023
32 Yallambee Road
  Development: s4.55 Modification to an existing dwelling house
  Applicant: M Callow
  Application #: DA69/2023
  Advertised: 25/09/2023 Expiry: 10/10/2023
38B College Rd South
  Development: Alterations or additions to existing building
  Applicant: YBC One
  Application #: DA107/2023
  Advertised: 27/09/2023 Expiry: 12/10/2023