Record TitleRecord Link
Application Form for Section 6.26 Building Information CertificateLink 1
Waste Management FormLink 2
Online DA Checklist - Residential and Small ScaleLink 3
Development History Research Request FormLink 4
Application Form for Certificate of Compliance or Exemption for Swimming PoolLink 5
Online Complying Development Certificate ChecklistLink 6
Online DA Checklist - Major ProjectLink 7
Traffic Impact Assessment ChecklistLink 8
Damage Deposit Confirmation Form - Complying Development CertificateLink 9
Application Form for Pre-DA Lodgment MeetingLink 10
Critical (Event) Concrete Pour Application FormLink 11
Application Form for a Subdivision Certificate/Release of Linen PlanLink 12
Appointment of Principal Certifier (PC) and Notice to Commence Building Work FormLink 13
Online Construction Certificate ChecklistLink 14
Owners Consent FormLink 15
St Leonards South 3D Model RequirementsLink 16
Development Application Landscape ChecklistLink 17