Development Applications Currently Advertised


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33 Greenwich Road
  Development: Section 4.55 to Residential Care Facility
  Applicant: Stamen Greenwich Property Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA103/2019
  Advertised: 07/06/2021 Expiry: 22/06/2021
7 Robert Street
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent-various amendment
  Applicant: Castlepeake Consulting Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA33/2020
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021
4 Bellevue Avenue
  Development: Alterations and Additions to Dwelling House including Swimming Pool
  Applicant: A Pupilli
  Application #: DA70/2021
  Advertised: 15/06/2021 Expiry: 30/06/2021
23 Ronald Avenue
  Development: New Dwelling House and Swimming Pool
  Applicant: New South Homes Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA71/2021
  Advertised: 15/06/2021 Expiry: 30/06/2021


368 Pacific Highway
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent- various amendment
  Applicant: Daniel Winters c/-o Adam Hobbs, Hobbs Jam
  Application #: DA164/2011
  Advertised: 03/06/2021 Expiry: 18/06/2021
75 Austin Street
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent -various amendment
  Applicant: Sissons Architects Pty ltd
  Application #: DA209/2016
  Advertised: 16/06/2021 Expiry: 01/07/2021
125 Longueville Road
  Development: Shop Fitout and Signage to Food and Drink Premises
  Applicant: Professional Planning Group Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA61/2021
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021
56 Burns Bay Road
  Development: Signage
  Applicant: Haskew De Chalain Planning
  Application #: DA62/2021
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021
180 River Road
  Development: Construction of sports and recreational facility
  Applicant: Lane Cove Council
  Application #: DA64/2021
  Advertised: 03/06/2021 Expiry: 30/06/2021
1 Gatacre Avenue
  Development: Residential Flat Building Development
  Applicant: Gatacre LC Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA65/2021
  Advertised: 04/06/2021 Expiry: 25/06/2021
151 Burns Bay Road
  Development: New electronic LED pole sign to replace an existing static pole sign
  Applicant: Lane Cove Bowling and Recreation Club
  Application #: DA66/2021
  Advertised: 08/06/2021 Expiry: 23/06/2021
28 Seville Street
  Development: Alterations and minor rear addition to existing dwelling
  Applicant: I Lev
  Application #: DA68/2021
  Advertised: 10/06/2021 Expiry: 25/06/2021


8 Mindarie Street
  Development: Section 4.55 to Multi Dwelling Housing Development
  Applicant: Mindarie One Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA152/2018
  Advertised: 08/06/2021 Expiry: 23/06/2021


88 Penrose Street
  Development: Section 4.55 to alterations and additions
  Applicant: In & Out Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA42/2016
  Advertised: 07/06/2021 Expiry: 22/06/2021
14 Orion Road
  Development: Warehouse Development
  Applicant: Hannas Group
  Application #: DA59/2021
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021


11 Norfolk Road
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent-changes to roof line & pedestrian entry
  Applicant: DBCF Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA209/2018
  Advertised: 16/06/2021 Expiry: 01/07/2021
70 Kenneth Street
  Development: New dwelling & pool
  Applicant: Banham Architects Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA31/2021
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021
28 William Edward Street
  Development: Swimming Pool
  Applicant: Blue Haven Pools South
  Application #: DA60/2021
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021
20 Lucretia Avenue
  Development: Alterations and Additions
  Applicant: A H Sutton
  Application #: DA67/2021
  Advertised: 10/06/2021 Expiry: 25/06/2021


3 Carranya Road
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent- removal of rear extension
  Applicant: J Granada
  Application #: DA27/2019
  Advertised: 15/06/2021 Expiry: 30/06/2021
50 Kallaroo Road
  Development: New Dwelling House and Carport
  Applicant: Tullipan Homes Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA63/2021
  Advertised: 01/06/2021 Expiry: 16/06/2021
11 Kallaroo Road
  Development: Alterations and Additions, new Carport and Vergola
  Applicant: Building Approval Solutions
  Application #: DA69/2021
  Advertised: 11/06/2021 Expiry: 26/06/2021