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6 Ford Street
  Development: Section 4.55 to Alterations and Additions
  Applicant: C Satterthwaite
  Application #: DA157/2021
  Advertised: 01/08/2022 Expiry: 16/08/2022
176 Pacific Highway
  Development: Alterations and Additions to Existing Commercial Building
  Applicant: Nutbrook Engineering Group Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA85/2022
  Advertised: 01/08/2022 Expiry: 16/08/2022


23A Austin Street, 25 Austin Street, 23 Austin Street, 23B Austin Street, 21A Austin Street, 21 Austin Street
  Development: s8.2 Review of Determination
  Applicant: CNAU Group Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA131/2021
  Advertised: 01/08/2022 Expiry: 16/08/2022
20 Murralah Place
  Development: Alterations and Additions to Dwelling House - REVISED PLANS
  Applicant: H Gohill
  Application #: DA71/2022
  Advertised: 15/08/2022 Expiry: 30/08/2022
30 Northwood Road
  Development: Alterations and Additions to Dwelling House
  Applicant: Designcorp Architects Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA90/2022
  Advertised: 05/08/2022 Expiry: 20/08/2022
28 Morrice Street
  Development: New hard stand parking space & new crossover with layback
  Applicant: R Creagh
  Application #: DA91/2022
  Advertised: 10/08/2022 Expiry: 25/08/2022


12 Gay Street
  Development: Section 4.55 to Alterations and Additions
  Applicant: Custance Associates Australia Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA154/2016
  Advertised: 03/08/2022 Expiry: 18/08/2022
28 Ralston Street, 30 Ralston Street
  Development: Proposed retaining wall and boundary fence
  Applicant: S B Haselgrove
  Application #: DA86/2022
  Advertised: 01/08/2022 Expiry: 16/08/2022
Unit 1 28A Johnston Crescent
  Development: Replace the existing deck and awning with a new covered deck.
  Applicant: D L Morton-Miller
  Application #: DA92/2022
  Advertised: 16/08/2022 Expiry: 31/08/2022


12 Haughton Street
  Development: s4.55 Modification of consent
  Applicant: Ursino Architects Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA57/2021
  Advertised: 15/08/2022 Expiry: 30/08/2022


6 Belcote Road
  Development: Metal pergola over an existing first floor balcony
  Applicant: Pergola Land Australia Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA89/2022
  Advertised: 04/08/2022 Expiry: 19/08/2022


10 Miramont Avenue
  Development: Section 4.55 to Alterations and Additions
  Applicant: DesignBuild Project Services Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA22/2022
  Advertised: 03/08/2022 Expiry: 18/08/2022
25 Flaumont Avenue
  Development: New Carport
  Applicant: R Lee
  Application #: DA88/2022
  Advertised: 02/08/2022 Expiry: 17/08/2022


2 Holdsworth Avenue, 4 Holdsworth Avenue, 6 Holdsworth Avenue, 8 Holdsworth Avenue, 1 Canberra Avenue, 3 Canberra Avenue, 5 Canberra Avenue, 4 Marshall Avenue, 6 Marshall Avenue, 8 Marshall Avenue
  Development: Residential Flat Building Development
  Applicant: SLS Holdsworth Residences Pty Ltd
  Application #: DA79/2022
  Advertised: 20/07/2022 Expiry: 16/08/2022